Hamurana Springs track

Track category

Short walk


20 min one way


View into the spring from the high
level viewing platform

This track is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It offers easy walking with beautiful scenic views throughout the whole stream-side walk, which passes through a grove of redwoods.

A bridge near the end of the track can be crossed to link up with a unsealed road on the other side of the river to create a loop track.

Getting there

Hamurana is located 15 - 20 minutes drive north-east from Rotorua central, on the left-hand side of Hamurana road.


Walking/tramping/hiking Walking/tramping/hiking

About the area

Hamurana stream.
Hamurana stream

Hamurana is famous for its beautiful crystal clear fresh water springs, that emanate from the ground and flows downstream into Lake Rotorua.

The surrounding wildlife sanctuary plays host to many species of birds including black teal, scaup, herons and the endangered dabchick.

This is a nice, family orientated area with calming picnic spots in a picturesque setting.


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4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies

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