New Zealand Environmental Care Code 

Toitu te whenua (Leave the land undisturbed) 

A growing number of people enjoy outdoor recreation. Many of us like to visit our rural, backcountry, coastal and road-end areas. With this rise in use has come an increasing impact on the natural environment. Damaged plants, unsightly rubbish, eroding short cuts, polluted water, and deteriorating facilities are now more common.

Fortunately, along with the increase in the number of visitors, a more sensitive attitude to the environment is developing. Many picnickers, trampers, hunters, walkers, campers and other visitors to our natural areas realise that we must adopt a more caring attitude to the environment.

To help protect the natural environment, please follow these guidelines on your visit.


Protect the environment for your own sake, for the sake of those who come after you, and for the environment itself.

"The land is the property of a great family, some of whom are living, a few of whom are dead, most of whom are yet to come".

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Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies