Fishery report: July 2014 update

Clint Healy holding his new season licence.
Waitahanui resident, Clint Healy with the new 2014 season licence

Waipa Stream fish trap

The Waipa Stream fish trap (tributary of the Tongariro near Rangipo) captured a total of 73 trout during July with 42 of these being browns.

The browns averaged 562 mm and 2.25 kg with an overall condition factor of 45.5. The heaviest brown trapped was a male measuring 700 mm and weighing 3.7 kg (8 lb).

The 31 rainbows trapped this month averaged 485 mm and 1.3 kg with an average condition factor of 40.3. The heaviest rainbow was a maiden hen measuring 560 mm and weighing 1.85 kg (4 lb).

The relatively dry July saw less than 100 mm recorded overall at the trap site and combined with some chill temperatures down to -6oC. The conditions haven’t been favourable to encourage large runs. In comparison to the same period last year, the run of browns is down by 103 fish and the rainbow trout is down by 21 fish.

River fishing

The fishing has steadily improved on The Tongariro during late July in particular with an overall estimated catch rate of 0.33 fish per hour (one legal sized fish every three hours) which is a marked improvement over the catch rates estimated for the previous two months.

It is also similar to the catch rate of 0.37 fish per hour estimated for the same period last year. A total of 37 rainbows were measured and weighed by staff during routine angler surveys and these fish averaged 484 mm and 1.38 kg (3 lb) with an average condition factor of 43. The heaviest rainbow weighed was a maiden hen measuring 550 mm and weighing 2 kg. Overall these rainbows are on average 23 mm shorter and 270 g lighter than those caught this time last year.

Catch rates should continue to increase during August as we approach the main spawning runs from September onwards and the next period of decent rainfall should really encourage spawning fish to enter the rivers

Fishing reports from Lake Taupo indicate good numbers of trout already congregating in Stump Bay, around Omori and Kuratau and by the White Cliffs towards Waitahanui.

Te Whaiau Stream fish trap

A total of 787 rainbows and 4 browns were trapped during July in the Te Whaiau Stream fish trap over towards Lake Otamangakau. This is very similar to the numbers trapped during July 2013.

The rainbows averaged 554 mm and 2.17 kg (4.8 lb) with an average condition factor of 45.8. Overall, the rainbows trapped this year are on average 21 mm longer and 370 g heavier than those trapped during the same period last year and in better condition overall which bodes well for next summer at Lake O. The largest rainbow to be trapped this month was a hen measuring 680mm long and weighing 3.6 kg (7.9 lb).

The four browns averaged 603 mm and 2 kg (4.4 lb) but were four old previous spawners.

Papakai Stream fish trap

A total of 35 rainbows and 11 browns were also trapped in the neighbouring Papakai Stream during July.

Rainbows averaged 569 mm and 2.18 kg (4.8 lb) which is on par with those trapped in Te Whaiau. The heaviest rainbow trapped was a hen measuring 625 mm and 3.3 kg (7.3 lb) with a condition factor of 48.8.

Papakai browns averaged 573 mm and 1.9 kg with the heaviest fish measuring 600 mm and weighing 2.5 kg (5.5 lb).


Overall, the main runs of rainbows are yet to come through but when the conditions are favourable and we finally get some decent rain, anglers can expect some very good fishing over the next couple of months especially on the Tongariro.

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