Lake Rotoiti


Lake Rotoiti is popular for water sports and fishing.  Important cultural, historic and scenic sites around the lake include Okere Falls Scenic Reserve and Hinehopu/Hongi Track.


The significance of this area lies in its important historic and scenic values. Caves used by Maori to store food can be seen from parts of the lake alongside protected native vegetation.

3 boat ramps provide an oppertunity to safely launge into Lake Rotoiti. Lake users are encouraged to adhere to Check, Clean, Dry guidelines to prevent the spread of aquatic pests into this pest free lake.

Only accesible by boat, Lake Rotoiti is home to Lake Rotoiti Hot pools ( Manupirua Springs Hot Pools), popular with visitors and locals year-round.  Legend has it that Manupirua Springs was left by the sisters Kuiwai and Haungaroa while on their way to save their brother Ngatoroirangi. He was perishing with cold on Tongariro Mountain and they were bringing him warmth from Hawaiki. Whenever they paused they left part of the fire they were carrying.


Okere Falls Scenic Reserve is 21km from Rotorua on Trout Pool Road off SH 33. Hinehopu/Hongi Track is 20 km north-east of Rotorua off State Highway 30.

Plan and prepare

Dogs, horses, vehicles (including bikes and motorbikes), fires, removal of plants or animals, camping and hunting are not permitted in the reserves.

Stop the spread of Rotorua pest fish brochure.
Stop the spread of Rotorua pest fish brochure. View larger (PDF, 1,110K)

Stop the spread and keep Rotorua lakes free of pest fish

Report any sightings of koi carp (3-70 cm) or catfish (3-40 cm). Other fish of particular concern are rudd and gambusia.

Get more information on these pest fish.

You can help by photographing any specimens caught and forwarding to your local DOC office and by following Check Clean Dry protocols.

Invasive species are a problem because they reduce water quality and can compete with native species and trout.

For further information, or to report suspicious fish, contact your local DOC office or phone 0800 DOC HOT.


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Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies

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