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Waterfall Hut. Photographer unknown.
Waterfall Hut

Historic photo of Waterfall Hut by Chris Satherly
An early photo of the historic Waterfall Hut

  • Water source - River
  • Heating source - Open fire

History of the hut

Waterfall Hut is an historic hut with many of its original features still intact. It is a good example of the wild animal control huts built during the New Zealand Forest Service era.

Initially named Kawhatau Hut, this hut was designed to house New Zealand Forestry Service hunters and their food stores while they battled to control the 'deer menace' that was believed to be a major contributor to mountain erosion.

The hut was built in 1961 on an old Internal Affairs tent camp, with the building materials all flown in by helicopter, The builder was Forestry Service Carpenter Jan (John) Van De Lagemaat who had immigrated from The Netherlands in the 1950's. Jan also built the D.S.A (McKinnon), Makawakawa (Diggers), Hinerua, Smiths Creek (Stream) and Middle Stream Huts.


Hut location

Grid reference: Topo50 map sheet BK36, E1866496, N5586628

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Location map of Waterfall Hut.

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