North Island kōkako
Image: Matt Binns | Creative Commons


Mapara Wildlife Reserve (1400 ha) has been the focus of an intensive and successful kokako recovery project. You can hear and sometimes see kokako from a moderately graded tramping track.

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Bird and wildlife watching

North Island Kokako, Mapara. Photo: Ian Flux.
North Island Kokako, Mapara

A range of native birds may be seen, including New Zealand falcon/karearea, Australasian Harriers, grey warbler/riorio, shining and longtail cuckoo.

Kokako can be heard and sometimes seen from the moderately graded Mapara tramping track. You are most likely to hear kokako call in the early morning or late evening.

Longtail bats may be seen at dusk and dawn along the track.

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    About this place

    Nature and conservation

    The kōkako recovery project started in the reserve in 1989 and has been the model for many other conservation projects around the country.

    Getting there

    The Mapara Wildlife Reserve and track is about 35 km southeast of Te Kuiti.

    Turn on to Kopaki Road from either SH4 or SH30 and then Mapara South Road to the small kiosk at the reserve entrance.

    Know before you go

    • For their own safety, do not take dogs into the reserve - poisoning operations are carried out frequently.
    • Stay within the reserve boundary and do not cross the fence onto private land.


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