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This amazing collection of islands far off the south coast of New Zealand offers rich biodiversity, stunning scenery and unique human history.


  • World heritage site - 30 species of endemic birds
  • Leads the world in conservation action through eradication of pests
  • Important location for biodiversity research
  • Site of many shipwrecks
  • 2 day boat journey from Bluff

There are five island groups:

Antipodes Islands | Auckland Islands | Bounty Islands | Campbell Island | Snares Islands

And four marine reserves:

Antipodes Island/Moutere Mahue | Auckland Islands – Motu Maha | Bounty Islands/Moutere Hauriri | Campbell Island/Moutere Ihupuku

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  • Bird and wildlife watching
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      Bird and wildlife watching

      Each of New Zealand's subantarctic island groups boast a unique collection of plants and animals, many of which are endemic, meaning they are not found anywhere else in the world. The location of the islands, together with their isolation, have contributed to their diverse and distinctive flora and fauna.

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      Getting there

      You can visit the islands as part of a guided trip.

      Know before you go

      Entry to the islands requires an entry permit which is obtained through a consultation process with DOC. Permit applications are available from the Invercargill Office. 

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      Murihiku / Invercargill Office
      Phone:      +64 3 211 2400
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