Seals at Ohau Stream
Image: Shellie Evans ©


Visit a picturesque waterfall by following this short walk along Ohau Stream and if you're lucky you'll spot a fur seal pup swimming in the waterfall pool.

Track overview

280 m one way

Walking and tramping

10 min Easiest: Short walk

Dog access

No dogs

About this track


New Zealand fur seals playing in Ohau Stream Waterfall. Image: Shellie Evans
New Zealand fur seals playing in Ohau Stream Waterfall

This short walk makes its way alongside Ohau Stream to a small picturesque waterfall.

During the winter months watch for seals in the stream that have travelled up from the ocean. There may be young, playful seal pups swimming in the waterfall pool.

The best place in the area to see seals is at the Ohau Point Seal Colony across the road from the track entrance.

Guidelines for viewing seals from the Seal Colony:

  • do not enter the seal colony by stepping onto the rocks from the carpark platform
  • view seals only from the carpark platform
  • do not enter the water at the Ohau Stream
  • do not make loud noise at the Ohau stream, especially if you would like to see more seal pups. Seal pups will hide in the presence of loud noise, and especially in the presence of large groups of humans.

Getting there

Start the walk from a car parking area off SH1, 27 km north of the nearest town, Kaikoura.


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