Orokawa Scenic Reserve
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Orokawa Scenic Reserve has beautiful coastal views, good rock fishing and lovely picnic spots throughout.

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  • Fishing
  • Walking and tramping

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Orokawa Scenic Reserve has good rock fishing.

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    About this place

    Nature and conservation

    Orokawa Scenic Reserve contains pohutukawa-fringed beaches and uncommon remnants of coastal forest.

    History and culture

    There are many historic pa sites.

    Mine tunnels along the coast recall largely unsuccessful attempts to extract gold.

    Getting there

    Orokawa Scenic Reserve is  north of Waihi Beach, off State Highway 2 at the end of Waihi Beach Road.

    Know before you go

    Caution: The track entrance at Waihi Beach may be inaccessible at high tide.

    Dogs, horses, vehicles (including bicycles and motorbikes), fires, removal of plants or animals, camping or hunting are not permitted.


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