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Backcountry huts

Tongariro / Ngauruhoe

Mangatepopo Hut
Oturere Hut

Waihohonu Hut


Rangipo Hut
Whangaehu Hut (NZAC)
Blyth Hut
Lupton Hut
Managaehuehu Hut
Mangaturuturu Hut
Whakapapaiti Hut

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For further accommodation information contact the Tongariro National Park Visitor Centre, or refer to:

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Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies


Tongariro National Park Visitor Centre
Phone:      +64 7 892 3729
Address:   Whakapapa Village
State Highway 48
Mount Ruapehu
Full office details