Aorangi Forest Park

Hunter using roaring horn, Aorangi Forest Park. Photo: Joe Hansen.
Hunter using roaring horn, Aorangi Forest Park

Deer is present. Goats and pigs occur in low numbers.

General information

Aorangi Forest Park is a recreational hunting area. Commercial hunting is not permitted.

The Tauanui Valley in the northern block offers good deer hunting. The Makotukutuku (Washpool) catchment is popular in the southern block.


  • Whakatomotomo Road: Walking access only. Access to upper Turanganui River and Sutherlands Hut.
  • Whatarangi Road: Walking access only. Hurupi and Pinnacles Streams, Washpool Hut, and tracks to Mangatoetoe Stream.
  • Cape Palliser Road: Walking access only. Mangatoetoe Stream, Mangatoetoe Hut.
  • Kaiwaka Road: Poley Stream, walking access only.
  • White Rock Road: Castle River, walking access only.
  • Haurangi Road: Waikuku Lodge, Sutherlands Hut and Mt Ross.


When crossing private land, contact the landowner as required:

  • Whakatomotomo Road/Logging Road (to Tauanui River): No landowner contact required. Turn left approximately 5 km along Whakatomotomo Road onto Logging Road. Forestry gate (locked) after 3 km. Walking access only from forestry gate up the Tauanui River to Tauanui Hut.
  • Makotukutuku Stream: (Washpool Hut) Permission required from Mr D. McIlraith Ph: +64 6 307 7823.
  • Pararaki Stream, Pararaki Hut: Permission required from Mr W. Jephson, Palliser Bay Station Ph: +64 6 307 8210. Please state the number in your party.
  • Ngapotiki /Stonewall area: Walking access only from White Rock Road and Cape Palliser lighthouse.

Map information

NZTopo50 BQ33 and BR33


Hut information

Places to stay in Aorangi Forest Park

Additional information


Hunters who secure trophies are asked to provide details to DOC Masterton, so that measurements and other details can be taken for a trophy register. It will be held for ongoing reference and guidance to future hunters.

General conditions

  • Hunting permits are issued for deer, pig, goat and possum hunting for 4-month periods and all general hunting permits are issued online.
  • Permits for rimfire and smooth bore calibres will only be issued under special circumstances.
  • Special conditions apply to bow hunting. See Bow and Crossbow Hunting conditions and minimum criteria


For further information contact:

Whakaoriori / Masterton Office
Phone:      +64 6 377 0700
Full office details

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Hunting permit online.

Apply online for a hunting permit or renew.



Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies