Places to stay

Hunters huts 

Some of the hunting blocks have specific hunters huts, listed below. A levy of $30 per person per hunting trip is charged to help maintain these huts. This levy is collected by DOC on behalf of the Rakiura Hunter Camp Trust who built and look after the huts.

If hunting on a block with a hunters hut on it there are two payment options. You can pay by cheque (made out to "Rakiura Hunter Camps Charitable Trust") or for details on paying by direct debit contact:

Stewart Island Base
Phone:      +64 3 219 0002
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Backcountry huts

All other backcountry huts on Stewart Island/Rakiura are on tramping circuits, for which you need to purchase backcountry hut tickets ($5 per night). See North West Circuit and Southern Circuit places to stay.

Great Walk huts

The exceptions are Port William and North Arm huts, which require Great Walks hut passes ($22 per night, maximum 2 nights stay during peak season). Great Walk huts and campsites can be booked via the online booking system.

Hunters are encouraged to use hunters hut facilities or existing campsites. Payment needs to be made when confirming block bookings. If using backcountry tramping huts payment does not guarantee a hut bed for the night. Hunting permits will only be sent on receipt of hut fees.

For further information visit the Southland Branch New Zealand Deerstalkers Association website. 

Hunters' huts


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Rakiura National Park Visitor Centre
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Stewart Island
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