Braeburn Range - Murchison/St Arnaud Conservation Land/Reserves

General information

The Braeburn Range site is an area of conservation land and scenic reserve running from the Buller River near the Owen River confluence on SH6, over Mt Murchison, across the Braeburn road, and along the Braeburn Range to the Ella Range at the most northerly point. The site has an eastern boundary often abutting that of the Nelson Lakes National Park, and includes the significant valley of the Tiraumea.

Moderate red deer numbers exist throughout the area and the occasional fallow may also be encountered where they have been released or escaped.

Pigs are also present but tend to be in higher numbers on the fringes with farmed land.

Feral goats. Photo: Dave Hunt.
Feral goats

The occasional chamois and goat may also be encountered. Hunters are urged to shoot any goats they see and report numbers shot and approximate location to the local DOC office.


Access to the hunting on Mt Murchison and the Gowan end of the Braeburn Range is very limited, as it is mostly surrounded by private land. However access can be gained off the Braeburn road, through the Tiraumea Valley and through land opposite the Mataki Lodge on the Tutaki South Road.


Any access through private land to the area requires the landowner’s permission.

Map information

NZTopo50 BR23


Hunting dogs are allowed by permit only and are allowed to be overnight in the area.

Dog permits are available from the local DOC office.

Hut information

There are two Department of Conservation huts within this area:


St Arnaud Base
Phone:      +64 3 521 1806
Full office details

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Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies