Southern Abel Tasman National Park - East/Upper Takaka Reserves

General information

For information on hunting in Abel Tasman National Park outside the northern hunting block area refer to Southern Abel Tasman National Park in the Motueka Area page. The Golden Bay Area office administers the western part of this hunting area from Awaroa Head to Canaan.

Included in the Southern Abel Tasman National Park hunting area are three separate reserves in east/upper Takaka Valley. Brief information specifically on these reserves is provided below.

  1. Takaka Hill Scenic Reserve
  2. Dry River Scenic Reserve
  3. Rawhiti Caves Scenic Reserve

Takaka Hill Scenic Reserve

Weathered marlble, Takaka Hill. Photo: Rod Morris.
Weathered marlble, Takaka Hill

The Takaka Hill Scenic Reserve is a 431 ha area located at Horseshoe Bend on SH60 on the Golden Bay side of the Takaka Hill summit.

The vegetation is comprised of mixed beech/podocarp forest with extensive areas of regenerating forest scrubland.

Pigs are found in moderate numbers throughout and are the main focus of hunting here. Red deer and goats are also present in low numbers.

Dry River Scenic Reserve and Rawhiti Caves Scenic Reserve

The Dry River Scenic Reserve (90 ha) and Rawhiti Caves Scenic Reserve (60 ha) are adjacent reserves located on the north and south sides of Dry River respectively in the vicinity of Rawhiti (Manson) Caves.

The area is very steep with loose rock throughout and numerous areas of rock falls/slips. Extensive bluff systems limit access and extreme caution is required. The Rawhiti Caves is a popular local walk and consideration must be given to users of this track.

Goats are present in moderate to high numbers.  


Takaka Hill Scenic Reserve

Access is directly off SH60 with informal routes leading from the main carpark opportunity at Horseshoe Bend.

Dry River Scenic Reserve and Rawhiti Caves Scenic Reserve

Access is gained to both reserves by the public road and track leading to Rawhiti Caves. The Dry River watercourse provides an easy access corridor further east.  


All areas are completely surrounded by private land blocks of farmland, exotic forestry, and/or native forest/scrubland.

Care must be taken not to hunt beyond the reserve boundaries especially where these boundaries are unmarked/unfenced. 

Map information

NZTopo 50NZ BP 24, BP25


All areas are prohibited to dogs except where written authorisation has been granted by DOC. People wishing to take a dog into this area must obtain a permit from the Golden Bay Area Office.

A dog access permit may be issued for hunting purposes but all permitted dogs must be fitted with tracking collars.

Dogs are not permitted to overnight in the park.

Hut information

There are no DOC huts or campgrounds within these reserves.

Additional information

Conservation areas directly adjacent to, or in close proximity to the Southern Abel Tasman National Park hunting area are generally included in these areas.

For information on smaller, separate reserves or conservation areas contact the Golden Bay Area Office.


Takaka Office
Phone:      +64 3 525 8026
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