Tasman Smith hunting block

General information

Hunting here is open season for 11 months of the year, within the fenced area, targeting wallaby. Hunting may be permitted in the exclusion period of mid September to mid October if access permission is granted from the neighbouring landowner Michael Stevens.


SH 8 Cave to Albury, then onto Monavale Road, Gorge Road, Albert Road.

Contact adjoining landowner. Hunting is within a fenced area.


  • Michael Stevens
    R.D. 14
    Phone: +64 3 614 3830

Map information

Topo50 map BZ18


Dogs are not permitted in this hunting block.

Hut information

There are no huts or bivvies in this area.

Additional information

Hunters are advised to check for current pesticide operations that may be in progress where they intend to hunt. Pesticide summaries are published every four months.

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Follow the Outdoor Safety Code:
1. Plan your trip
2. Tell someone
3. Be aware of the weather
4. Know your limits
5. Take sufficient supplies