Mount Peel Scenic Reserve hunting block

Restricted hunting

No hunting in Peel Forest Scenic Reserve from 1 October to 1 April (inclusive of Easter and Anzac weekends).

To minimise impacts on other recreational users and residents at Blandswood, a no hunting zone has been created that applies at all times. See map below for details.

General information

At lower elevations the reserve is mainly regenerating podocarp forest while above the bush line the vegetation changes to alpine herbs, shrubs and tussock. The highest point on the boundary of the reserve is Little Mount Peel / Huatekerekere at 1311 m. Peel Forest Scenic Reserve restricted hunting area is about 548 hectares.


This block is 22 km from Geraldine. Follow Main North Road (SH 79) for 8 km. Turn left just after the Orari Bridge onto Arundel Bridge Highway. After 3 km take the second left onto Coopers Creek Peel Forest Road and follow this road for 13 km to Peel Forest. Tracks are marked from Blandswood and Te Wanahu Flat.


This hunting block is surrounded by private land; please do not trespass.

Map information

Topo50 map BY19
Peel Forest Park Scenic Reserve hunting block map (PDF, 1644K)


Dogs are not permitted within Peel Forest Park Scenic Reserve.

Hut information

There are no huts available in this hunting block.

Pesticide operations

Hunters are advised to check for current pesticide operations that may be in progress where they intend to hunt. Pesticide summaries are published every four months.

Eastern South Island pesticide summary.

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