Find out who to contact if you see sick, injured or dead wildlife.

Reporting sick, injured or dead animals can help us to manage wildlife and wildlife diseases. Often members of the public are the first to notice something is wrong.

Report a group of sick and/or dead animals

If you see a group (3 or more) sick or dead animals, call the Ministry for Primary Industries Exotic Pest and Disease hotline 0800 90 99 66

You will be asked questions about what you saw. This will include what species, how many and where it happened. They will either pass on the report to a biosecurity investigator or they will advise you of what to do next.

Report a single sick, injured or dead animal

If you see a single sick, injured or dead animal, report it as soon as possible. Different authorities will respond depending on the type of animal.

Native animals - call DOC

After hours: call the DOC emergency hotline 0800 DOCHOT (0800 362 468).

During office hours: contact your local DOC office

Exotic animals, pets, livestock

Call the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Contact details are on the SPCA website.

You can also contact your local council.

Wildlife rehabilitation

Wildlife rehabilitation requires a permit from DOC. 

Talk to your your local DOC office. They can direct you to local people who are doing this work.

For further information on how to hold, treat and release sick or injured wildlife:

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