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NZ fur seal. Photo: © Sabine Bernert.
Kekeno/NZ fur seal are the most common seals in New Zealand waters

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A behind-the-scenes look at DOC's conservation work.

  • Sleeping seal stops traffic on Shelly Bay Road
    Sometimes New Zealand fur seals end up in places where shouldn't be – like this guy, who was sleeping in the middle of Shelly Bay Road on Tuesday.
  • Seals the new normal for Bay of Plenty
    Fancy enjoying a wilderness wildlife experience 500 metres from your 5-star accommodation? Want to see marine mammals up close whilst standing on dry land sipping a coffee? Then Mount Maunganui is the winter destination for you! Okay, maybe not quite wilderness, but the Bay of Plenty’s renowned summer party town is fast becoming a winter wildlife hotspot due […]
  • Seal drops in for a spa
    By Laura Boren, Senior Technical Support Officer – Marine Mammals, Department of Conservation Every winter there will be a few young NZ fur seals who find themselves in interesting places, often to the surprise and amusement of the people who stumble across them. It’s a common occurrence – they are just coming ashore to rest […]
  • Marine debris threatens our wildlife
    The perils of marine debris to our wildlife are fairly well known – be it the plastic filled stomach contents of an albatross, or a penguin nesting with a coke bottle, it’s always pretty gutting to witness. Entangled fur seal rescued from fishing net Last week we were lucky enough to make it in time to […]

Videos about fur seal

Meet the Locals video (series 4)
Nic finds out about how the NZ fur seal is making a return from the brink of extinction. Filmed in the Nelson/Marlborough region.

Meet the Locals video (series 6)
Visit young kekeno (New Zealand fur seals).

NZ fur seal. Photo: © Sabine Bernert.
Before the arrival of humans a population of about 2 million kekeno/NZ fur seal inhabited New Zealand

Fur seal in the news

DOC stories and media releases about our work with NZ fur seal.

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