DOC ranger photographing sea lion, Catlins
Image: Sabine Bernert ©


DOC has implemented a New Zealand sea lion recovery plan and a population management plan for this species is being prepared.

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Managing threats

DOC and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) will implement actions to manage threats to sea lions through the New Zealand sea lion/rāpoka Threat Management Plan


Research priorities on New Zealand sea lions will be guided by the Threat Management Plan, and specific projects led by DOC will be supported through, or reported on, through the Conservation Services Programme.

Note that research led by MPI will be run through MPIs research planning process and reported on through MPI's Aquatic and Environment Working Group. 

Species management plan 

DOC developed a Species Management Plan to guide management decisions for five years. This is replaced by the New Zealand sea lion/rāpoka Threat Management Plan 2017-2022.

NZ sea lion species management plan: 2009 - 2014.

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