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Watch videos and check out the latest news articles about morepork/ ruru and DOC's work with these species.

Meet the Locals video

Meet Whisper. This little local is learning to live with the help of Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust in Rotorua.

Watch the video to see how you can help our only native owls.

Life in a morepork nest

This video gives a glimpse into the antics of chicks in a morepork nest. It was filmed in the Eglinton valley, Fiordland.

Mouse numbers had been high in the valley and, if you look closely at the video, you'll see the male morepork bring in mice to the female morepork and the chicks. Sometimes the male can bring in five mice a night!

2011-12 was a particularly successful year for morepork in the valley. Most of our nests managed to produce two chicks per nest and all our nests fledged.

The chicks grew from little balls of fluff to inquisitive, engaging chicks with round faces, big eyes and bobbing heads.

Morepork/ ruru. Photo: © Sabine Bernert.
The perennially wide-eyed morepork/ ruru

Video compiled by Jono More.

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