Mahi Aroha/Summer Programme


Kayaking at Waimara Wetland.
Kayaking at Waimara Wetland

Getting wild with whio rafting the Tongariro River.
Getting wet and wild with whio rafting the Tongariro River

Join us over the 2015 summer for the Mahi Aroha/Summer Programme that showcases and celebrates the Central Plateau's stunning natural and historical treasures.


1 - 25 January 2015

About Mahi Aroha

A joint initiative between the Department of Conservation and Project Tongariro, Mahi Aroha/Summer Programme offers you exclusive opportunities to explore our local flora and fauna, landscapes, cultural and historical sites, creatures and the people working tirelessly to ensure our very own piece of paradise remains intact for future generations.

Learn about the conservation efforts currently underway in our area and what you can do to help. Meet the people working hard behind the scenes protecting what is ours and be inspired to lend a hand.

Bring the kids, grab a friend and explore your backyard like never before. This is our place, let’s protect it, nourish it and hold onto it.


For further information:

Tongariro National Park Visitor Centre
Phone:      +64 7 892 3729
Address:   Whakapapa Village
State Highway 48
Mount Ruapehu
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