Control animal pests

A diverse range of introduced animals are now considered pests because of the damage they cause. These pests include mammals, insects, fish, and even some birds.

They affect our native ecosystems because they can eat native plants and animals or compete for the same food and nest sites with native animals.

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Find out about managing animal pests, why they are a problem and ways to control them:

Animal pests: An A-Z of pest insects and animals, facts about them and how to control them.

Set a rat trap and save birds: Rats are a major predator of birds, lizards and invertebrates. Trapping is a simple measure you can do at home to make a difference.

Animal Pest Control Methods course: Attend a field course before you start your pest project. The course provides an overview of animal pests, their impacts and control methods.

DOC procedures for managing animal pests: How DOC manages animal pests to ensure operations are effective, managed safely and meet legal requirements.

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Koi carp removed during a pest fish operation. Photo: Nadine Bott.
Koi carp removed during a pest fish operation


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