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Teaching resource


June 2009 (revised edition)

View and download the Tiritiri Matangi teaching resource.

The education kit includes:

  • A 242-page publication (hardcopy or CD) that covers planning a visit, history of the island, the restoration project, species information and curriculum links, plus a separate 32-page student activities book
  • A DVD of island footage, bird information and an interactive bird call game

Download the publication

The 242-page Tiritiri Matangi education resource kit publication and associated 32-page student activities publication can be downloaded below:

Part one: introduction

1. Contents p 1-5 (PDF, 759K)

2. Preparing for your visit p 7-10 (PDF, 678K)

3. Preparing for your visit cont. p 11-16 (PDF, 433K)

4. Introducing Tiritiri Matangi p 17-23 (PDF, 603K)

5. The island's history p 24-35 (PDF, 925K)

6. Endangered and extinct species p 36-46 (PDF, 228K)

Part two: birds

7. Translocated birds p 47-53 (PDF, 557K)

8. Translocated birds cont. p 54-78 (PDF, 476K)

9. Other birds p 79-99 (PDF, 448K)

10. Other birds cont. p 100-121 (PDF, 317K)

Part three: plants

11. Ecosourcing and plant medicines p 124-130 (PDF, 648K)

12. Some Tiritiri Matangi plants p 131-145 (PDF 451K)

13. Some Tiritiri Matangi plants cont. p 146-167 (PDF, 617K)

Part four: reptiles, insects and freshwater fish

14. Translocated reptiles p 169-176 (PDF, 735K)

15. Other reptiles found on Tiritiri Matangi p 177-189 (PDF, 94K)

16. Insects and freshwater fish found on Tiritiri Matangi p 190-195 (PDF, 217K)

Part five: the New Zealand curriculum and teaching resources

17. Curriculum p 197-211 (PDF, 899K) 

18. Maori perspective, myths and legends p 212-233 (PDF, 220K)

19. Other resources and activities p 224-229 (PDF, 94K)

20. Reference books and websites p 230-240 (PDF, 104K)

21. Feedback form p 241-242 (PDF, 36K)

Student activities

22. Student activities p 1-13 (PDF, 962K)

23. Student activities cont. p 14-26 (PDF, 312K)

Full page illustrations and quiz (by Chris Gaskin)

24. Tiritiri Matangi coast (PDF, 452K)

25. Tiritiri Matangi shoreline (PDF, 503K)

26. Tiritiri Matangi forest (PDF, 608K)

27. Tiritiri Matangi forest night time (PDF, 602K)

Tiritiri Matangi Island footage and bird calls DVD.
Tiritiri Matangi Island footage and bird
calls DVD

Prices and ordering

Tiritiri Matangi Island education resource CD.
Tiritiri Matangi Island education resource

Complete resource (hardcopy plus DVD/CD) $35
Hardcopy only $25
DVD/CD only $15
Plus $6 postage and packaging
(note - all prices include GST)

To order email:
include a courier and postal address. Payment is by invoice.

Shop manager ph +64 9 476 0010.

About the kit

The education kit advises how to prepare for a visit to Tiritiri Matangi Island and offers teaching and learning activities for before, during and after the visit.

Tiritiri Matangi Island Education Resource cover.
Tiritiri Matangi Education Resource

Activities are 'in, about and for the environment'. It is aimed at primary and intermediate levels. 

Student activities have been designed to direct thinking while on the island, and to challenge thinking and consolidate learning before and after the visit.

The kit also includes lists of books and websites suitable for children and adults to further their knowledge of the fascinating life to be found in the world around us.

Note, the plant, insect, bird and reptile notes in the kit are not intended as a complete handbook but will provide teachers and their students with basic scientific knowledge about the amazing natural world of Tiritiri Matangi Scientific Reserve.

Publication information

The Tiritiri Matangi Education Resource Kit was published by the Auckland Conservancy Department of Conservation. It was developed in partnership with the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi.

Text and teaching ideas: Sue Reid and Jan Ellis
Cover illustrations: Chris Gaskin
Text illustrations: Chris Gaskin (linocuts), Keith Woodley (plants, birds and insects) and Ali Teo (cartoons).

The text and illustrations in the Tiritiri Matangi Education Kit are covered by copyright. The kit is designed for bulk photocopying for use only in conjunction with a school teaching programme.

ISBN: 978-0-478-14263-1


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