Fiordland monorail proposal

Update 29 May 2014

The application by Riverstone Holdings Limited to build and operate a $240 million monorail in Fiordland has been declined by Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith.

Fiordland Link monorail declined - media release 29 May 2014

Fiordland monorail proposal

Update 30 October 2013

The Minister of Conservation Dr Nick Smith has visited the site of the proposed Fiordland Link Experience monorail near Te Anau. The site visit is to help familiarise the Minister with the issues associated with the proposal ahead of making a final decision on the application.

The Minister has also released two official reports he has received on the monorail proposal.

Minister visits Fiordland monorail site and releases reports - media release 30 October 2013

Map of Fiordland monorail proposed infrastructure (PDF, 1,255K)

Proposal consultation

Submissions closed: 19 March 2012

The Minister of Conservation gives notice of her intention to grant concessions under section 17Q of the Conservation Act 1987 to Riverstone Holdings Limited to construct, operate and maintain a monorail and associated construction /mountain bike track through the Snowdon Forest Conservation Area, and associated terminus facilities on marginal strip alongside the Mararoa River, and Fiordland National Park (Te Anau Downs).

Any person or organisation may object in writing to the Director-General against the proposal, or make written submissions on the proposal.

How to find out more and how to submit

Requests for further information on the proposal and/or objections or submissions should be sent to;

Director General

Southland Conservancy Office
Phone: +64 3 211 2400
Fax: +64 3 214 4486
Address: Level 7, CUE on Don, 33 Don Street, Invercargill 9810
Postal Address: P O Box 743, Invercargill 9840

Attention: Robyn Roberts


Any person or organisation wishing to be heard in support of their objection or submission, must request (in that objection/submission) an opportunity to appear before the Director General.

If a hearing is required, it is likely to occur on the week starting 2 April 2012.

Hearing notes

Hearing of submissions, April 2012 (PDF, 443K)


Officer's Report: Intention to grant a concession, Fiordland link experience monorail, Riverstone Holdings Limited (PDF, 1345K)

Appendix A - information for consideration

A (i) Concession application overview - part 1 (PDF, 1429K)

A (i) Concession application overview - part 2 (PDF, 1956K)

A (i) Concession application overview - part 3 (PDF, 2318K)

A (ii) List of documents comprising concession application (PDF, 84K)

A (iii) List of reports and advice received pursuant to 17 S (4) Conservation Act 1987 (PDF, 79K)

A (iv) RHL response to audit reports September 2010 (PDF, 824K)

A (v) Alternate location to proposed Kiwiburn terminus (PDF, 1261K)

A (vi) Comments from the Southland Conservation Board (PDF, 85K)

A (vii) RHL response 21 October 2011 (PDF, 292K)

A (vii) Construction management plan (PDF, 362K)

A (vii) Implementation protocol (PDF, 160K)

A (vii) Operational management plan (PDF, 109K)

A (vii) Recreation users management plan (PDF, 508K)

A (vii) RHL draft conditions (PDF, 297K)

A (vii) Vegetation and habitat management plan (PDF, 297K)

Appendix B

Provisions, general policy for National Parks (PDF, 60K)

Appendix C - Standard concession documents

DOC - Concession document (Easement type D) (PDF, 233K)

DOC - Concession contract (lease) (PDF, 258K)

Appendix 1

Proposed special conditions (PDF, 242K)

Maps referred to in the Decision

Map showing easement area (PDF, 2657K)

Map showing indicative area for new Kiwiburn Hut (PDF, 240K)

Map showing Te Anau Downs terminus (PDF, 242K)

Map showing Kiwiburn terminus, roading and monorail (PDF, 618K)

Material provided by RHL as 'right of reply' to submissions

Final written reply by Riverstone Holdings Ltd (PDF, 1123K)

Appendix 1: Summary of submissions - submission analysis (PDF, 150K)

Appendix 2: Opus letter (PDF, 150K)

Appendix 3: Evidence of Dr Gary Bramley (PDF, 111K)

Appendix 4: Statement of evidence by Louise Taylor (PDF, 208K) 

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