Any business or organisation that wants to use public conservation land for their activities needs to get permission from DOC in the form of a concession.

This is a legal requirement under Part 3B of the Conservation Act 1987. In addition section 39(1)(ga) of the Conservation Act 1987 creates an offence if these kinds of activities are conducted without a concession.

Common activities requiring a concession

Commercial activities

  • Guided activities: walking, tramping, climbing, hunting, fishing, biking, kayaking, caving and canoeing
  • ski fields
  • bungy jumping
  • water, air or land transport services
  • commercial education and instruction
  • equipment hire
  • commercial filming

Organised non-profit activities

  •  running a sports event

Occupation of land and building of structures eg grazing an area, right of way access, building bridges.

  • accommodation facilities such as cribs, baches, lodges and huts
  • shops, tearooms, restaurants
  • grazing
  • telecommunication facilities and power lines
  • beehives
  • gravel extraction

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See Maps and geospatial services for maps of all public conservation land.


See permit contacts for queries about concessions and other permits.