7 - 18 May 2018: Volunteer to help with structure repairs on the Inland Pack Track in Paparoa National Park.


Monday 7 - Friday 18 May 2018


The Westport office is looking for four volunteers to work with DOC rangers from Punakaiki to repair boardwalks along the Inland Pack Track. This will include replacing old netting, clearing vegetation from structures and repairing any damaged bearers or boards.

Getting to the work sites

Punakaiki is a 45 minute drive south from Westport. From Punakaiki township, the work sites are a further 30 minute drive up Bullock Creek Road (note this can flood during heavy rain when the road is closed). From the Bullock Creek Road carpark, it's a 45 minute walk to the nearest site. The furthest boardwalk to be repaired is a 2 hour walk.


The Inland Pack Track is a 25 km tramping track taking users from Fox River to the Punakaiki River through the Paparoa National Park. The historic track was built in 1867 during the West Coast gold-rush to allow miners inland travel avoiding the coast.

The northern end of the track at Fox River is 30 minutes' drive south of Westport and the southern end at Punakaiki River is 50 minutes' drive from Westport. Punakaiki is a high-profile tourism location due to the spectacular pancake rocks features.

After Cyclone Ita in 2014 the track was closed due to large volumes of windfall making the track impassable. While the track has been reopened and the windfall cleared, the section between Fossil Creek and Bullock Creek Road has multiple boardwalks requiring repairs.

What to expect

Skills and experience required:

  • fit and healthy
  • honest and reliable
  • basic carpentry skills
  • enjoy working with people and able to relate to a range of people in a friendly manner
  • first aid certificate preferable
  • compliant with DOC health and safety policy.

Accommodation: Volunteers to be staying at the Punakaiki Beach Camp Monday night to Friday morning.

Cost: There is no charge for this activity.

Equipment: Necessary equipment and personal protective clothing will be provided to carry out the repairs.

Travel details

Week 1:

  • Monday 7 May 2018
    • Meet at the DOC Westport office at 72 Russell Street, Westport at 8.30am
    • Drive to site and begin work
    • Return to Punakaiki field centre at 4.30pm to finish
    • Accommodation at the Punakaiki Beach Camp
  • Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9, Thursday 10 May
    • Meet at 8.00am at the Punakaiki field base
    • Return to Punakaiki field centre at 4.30pm to finish
    • Accommodation at the Punakaiki Beach Camp
  • Friday the 11 May
    • Meet at 8.00am at the Punakaiki field base
    • Return to DOC Westport office at 4.00pm to finish

Week 2:

  • Same as week 1

What to bring

  • Day bag
  • Drink bottle
  • Enough food for the duration of your stay, including lunches – there is one pub and one café in the Punakaiki village but no general stores.
  • Wet weather gear
  • Warm clothing
  • Lots of insect repellent
  • Sun protection
  • Steel cap boots
  • Personal medication including anti-histamines

How to apply

To apply for a position fill out the online application form.


Sean Judd
Phone: +64 3 788 8016

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