Volunteers weeding in Dunedin
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Ongoing: We are looking for adventurous people to register their interest in being part of Dunedin’s War on Weeds.


Part of what makes Dunedin a special place is the unique flora and fauna that is found here. We need your help to protect it and help it flourish. If you're keen to make sure these special places thrive, register your interest for a War on Weeds adventure.


War on Weeds will be one wild adventure targeting some pretty special locations in Dunedin. If you're keen to keep Dunedin safe from troublesome pest plants, create new native habitat, make some new friends and travel to some amazing places then register your expression of interest!

What you'll be doing

War on Weeds is all about controlling weeds that threaten the survival of native plants and adding to native habitat by planting new stock. You could be working in a number of roles, including leadership, storytelling and as a crew member. There will be something for everyone of all abilities to do.

We are keen to get as many people involved as possible. We want to make sure we provide you with the best experience! 

Register your interest

You can help us by registering your interest and answering some questions. 

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