Programme is full until May 2018: Volunteers are needed to help maintain the pest-free wildlife sanctuary on Tiritiri Matangi Island.


Thank you for your interest about volunteering for conservation on Tiritiri Matangi Island. You are welcome to register your interest by completing the online registration form.


This is a seven-day programme running year-round: volunteer programmes run for seven-day blocks (Sunday to Saturday) every week of the year, except for three weeks over the summer holiday period.


Tiritiri Matangi Island, in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, is a conservation success story thanks to the involvement of thousands of volunteers planting trees and the successful transfer of endangered bird species.

Although the planting programme is now complete, volunteer involvement is still important to maintain this island sanctuary.

Be one of two volunteers who assist the island rangers for one week with a wide range of tasks from track work to checking water troughs, weeding and clean ups. Very little species work is available, but there are many opportunities to see the island's wildlife.

What to expect

Fitness required: Medium – capable of tramping with a pack 4-8 hours. 

A volunteer work day is only six hours long. Everyday you walk the tracks, check the water troughs and (seasonally) assist with the sugar water processing and distribution for the nectar feeding stations.

The rest of the time you will assist the rangers with whatever activities they need help with that week. Cleaning, weeding, painting, infrastructure and/or track maintenance are some examples. One afternoon you will clean and tidy the island Visitor Centre. Outside of your working hours you are free to explore the island.

You will not be directly working with wildlife: Your role on the island is to assist the rangers with General Maintenance tasks, while fortunate enough to be spending time amongst many of New Zealand’s endangered species. 

Transport: Transport to and from the island by ferry is provided at no cost by 360 Discovery Cruises:

  • Auckland Ferry Terminal, Central Downtown Auckland, Pier 4: 
    Departs from Auckland at 9.00am, arrives back in Auckland at 4.45pm.
    This is the best departure point if you are staying in Auckland but there is no free parking for your vehicle.    
  • Gulf Harbour Marina, Whangaparaoa (North of Auckland):
    Departs from Gulf Harbour at 9.45am, arrives back in Gulf Harbour at 3.45pm.
    There is space here to park your car for the week at no charge. 

Food: Bring your own. No supplies are available on the island. Please pack all food in rat, mouse and insect proof (sealed) containers.

Accommodation, facilities and gear list

Your accommodation will be in the island bunkhouse; this will be booked for you free of charge. This is a shared bunkhouse and you will be expected to help with daily clean up duties.  

Predator-free island

Tiritiri Matangi is a mammalian-pest free island:

  • All foodstuffs must be placed into rodent and insect proof containers.
  • Use containers such as fishbins, chilly bins or barrels, with lids.
  • Plastic or cloth supermarket bags, or similar are not secure enough to ensure that insects or rodents are not able to climb in.
  • All bags taken to the island must be able to be completely closed.
  • Your boots, clothing and packs must not be carrying any dirt or seeds through which new species of weeds or disease could be introduced to the island.
  • Use DOC's biosecurity checklist to assist you when you are cleaning and packing your gear.  
  • Contact us if you are uncertain or have any questions about biosecurity.

How to apply

All placements are full until May 2018. You are welcome to register your interest to volunteer after this date by completing the online registration form


Mahurangi / Warkworth Office
Phone:   +64 9 425 7812
Address:   Unit 12
30 Hudson Road
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