Get involved with conservation groups working with DOC in Fiordland.

Listed below are some volunteer based groups that you can get involved with. You'll learn new skills, meet like-minded people, contribute to conservation, and increase your connection to your local community and natural spaces.

For more conservation volunteer opportunities in Fiordland volunteer for a DOC project.

Buy a Box - Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park

Aim: To fundraise for rat and stoat traps that are placed in the Doon area of Fiordland National Park and on Lake Te Anau’s western shores bordering the Special Takahē Area. This 'Buy a Box' local environmental campaign allows Holiday Park guests, or anyone interested in helping to protect Fiordland’s wildlife, to purchase a trap. 

The trap box is labelled with the owner's name, and volunteers are called up from local businesses to place the traps on site. The owner then receives the GPS coordinates of its position and a photograph of the site. Continuous updates on the work being done in the area are also sent to the owner by staff at Lakeview Holiday Park.

You can purchase a trap from the Holiday Park and ask to be notified of the dates for setting or checking the traps. The trap and box costs $60 each.

Buy a Box campaign on Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park website

Eglinton River Habitat Group

Aim: To protect black-fronted terns and other species in Fiordland’s Eglinton Valley.Volunteers are needed to help clear lupins and other weeds from the riverbed. 

Fiordland Restoration Trust website

Kepler Challenge birdsong project

Aim: To increase the survival of blue duck/whio, kiwi and other birds by establishing and maintaining stoat traps around the length of the Kepler Track. Using a proportion of runner entry fees from the Kepler Challenge Mountain Run, the organising committee maintain the stoat traps it has established around the length of the Kepler Track. 

Volunteers check over 500 traps every month, clearing them of any catches and re-baiting them with a fresh hen’s egg and salted meat. Since the beginning of the project, rat and stoat numbers have dropped considerably.

Kepler Challenge website

Manapōuri Weedbusters

Aim: To control weeds on Manapōuri's lakeshore and replant with natives. Volunteers are needed for working bees for both light and heavy gardening.

Contact: Irene Barnes +64 3 249 6609 or Catherine Brimecome +64 3 249 6933

Pomona Island Charitable Trust

Aim: To restore the biodiversity on Pomona Island – the laregest island in Lake Manapōuri. The biodiversity on the island has suffered from the introduction of mammals such as stoats, possums, deer, rats and mice.

Pomona Island Charitable Trust website

West Arm – Deep Cove pest control programme

Aim: To restore the bird life in the area between West Arm of Lake Manapouri and Deep Cove in Doubtful Sound.

Fiordland Conservation Trust

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