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Have your say on the draft Wellington Conservation Management Strategy. Submissions closed 4 April 2017.


DOC and the Wellington Conservation Board are now working to respond to submissions and revise the Conservation Management Strategy (CMS).

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View the draft CMS

You can view the draft CMS online.

What happens next

The draft Wellington CMS was prepared by DOC in consultation with the Wellington Conservation Board, tangata whenua and others and publicly notified for submissions.

Submissions closed on 4 April 2017. DOC and the Wellington Conservation Board are now working to respond to submissions and revise the CMS.

We anticipate hearings being held late May. Following the hearings, the next steps of the process are:

  • preparation of a summary of submissions
  • revision of the draft CMS in accordance with decisions made by DOC on submissions received
  • the revised CMS and summary of submissions will be formally presented to the Wellington Conservation Board for consideration. This is expected to occur in August
  • the conservation board will consider the changes DOC has made in the revised draft CMS and how submissions have been responded to. Should the board wish to make changes, it may request DOC to further revise the draft CMS
  • once the conservation board has completed its review, the draft CMS will be forwarded to the New Zealand Conservation Authority (NZCA) for its consideration and approval. They may require further changes to the CMS before approval
  • the draft CMS is then referred to the Minister of Conservation for comment
  • finally, the NZCA approves the CMS and the strategy is notified as operative.

About the CMS

The draft Wellington CMS will replace the Wellington CMS 1996-2005, and parts of the Wanganui CMS 1997-2008 and Hawke’s Bay CMS 1994-2004.

Since the previous Wellington CMS was made operative, the Wellington CMS region’s boundaries have changed to include:

  • some of the Manawatū-Rangitikei area, once covered by the the Wanganui CMS (1997-2008), and
  • the Ruahine Forest Park and adjoining land, once covered in the Hawke’s Bay CMS (1994-2004).

The new boundaries match the Wellington Conservation Board boundary. Wellington CMS boundaries (PDF, 321K)

The draft Wellington CMS (2016-2026) is simpler, shorter, more concise and Place-based. It is consistent with the other newly reviewed CMSs, and integrates the Department’s national priorities with local priorities, that have been identified with tangata whenua, the community, and others.


If you have any questions or requests email or phone +64 7 858 1055.

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