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You're invited to make a submission on the draft Wellington Conservation Management Strategy (CMS). This is an opportunity for you to influence how the Wellington CMS region is managed over the next 10 years. Submissions close Tuesday 4 April 2017.


The draft Wellington CMS has been prepared by the Department of Conservation in consultation with the Wellington Conservation Board, tangata whenua and others. It has now been publicly notified for submissions.

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View the draft CMS

You can view the draft CMS online, or copies of the draft CMS can be inspected between 9 am and 4.30 pm at:

  • DOC National Office, Nokia House, 13-27 Manners Street, Wellington
    Note: National Office is currently closed to the public due to earthquake strengthening, this page will be updated when the situation changes.
  • DOC Offices in Wellington, Masterton, Palmerston North, and
  • DOC Visitor Centre in Wellington/Kapiti.

Get more information to help you understand and submit on the draft CMS.

How to submit

Any member of the public is welcome to make a submission. You can:

Complete the online form, or 

Complete the submission form (Word, 430K) or (PDF, 98K).

Email the form to, or print a copy and send to:

Wellington CMS submissions
Department of Conservation
Private Bag 3072
Hamilton 3240

If you wish to speak in support of your submission and engage with the hearings panel, you should indicate this on your submission form.

Submissions close 4 pm, Tuesday 4 April 2017.

What to look for in the draft CMS

The draft CMS is divided into three main parts:

  • Part One: an overview and vision for the Wellington CMS region; a description of the Treaty of Waitangi relationships with the region; national and regional objectives, policies and milestones which are linked to the Department’s intermediate outcomes; and policies for activities undertaken on public conservation lands and waters
  • Part Two: descriptions, outcomes and tables (that include values, issues and opportunities, policies and milestones) for Places within the Wellington CMS region, integrating national and local priorities
  • Part Three: policies for implementation, monitoring and review.

If you are interested in a particular site or area within the Wellington CMS region, look to see what Place it is covered by in Part Two-Places. Then, focus on the Outcome and Policies for that Place and check that they achieve what you would like to see happen there. Remember, Part One objectives and policies also cover Part Two.

If you are interested in a particular issue or activity, have a look at Part One first to see whether it is specifically covered. Also, look at Part Two, as some places may also deal with that issue or activity.

What to say in your submission

If you agree with what the CMS states regarding your place or issue of interest, then great! Put in a submission supporting the relevant provisions.

If you don’t agree with a provision in the CMS let us know why this is the case, what you would like to see happen and what the CMS should say instead.

Also, let us know whether you would like to present your submission (be heard) in person before a panel of representatives from DOC and the Wellington Conservation Board.

What happens next

When the submission period is over, DOC will collate all the submissions received and a hearing(s) will be held for all those submitters who asked to be heard.

Once the hearing(s) is over DOC will revise the draft CMS based on consideration of all the submissions received (not just those submitters who asked to be heard). In some cases, changes may not be possible due to legislative or other constraints. Either way, you will be advised on DOC’s response to your submission and the reasons for that approach.

The revised draft CMS is then sent to the Wellington Conservation Board for their consideration. Further changes may be made to the draft before it is sent to the New Zealand Conservation Authority for approval.

  • Draft Wellington CMS notified: 14 December 2016
  • Submissions close: 4 pm 4 April 2017
  • Hearings: May-June 2017
  • Draft revised: June-August 2017
  • Revised CMS presented to board: 14 August 2017

About the CMS

The draft Wellington CMS will replace the Wellington CMS 1996-2005, and parts of the Wanganui CMS 1997-2008 and Hawke’s Bay CMS 1994-2004.

Since the previous Wellington CMS was made operative, the Wellington CMS region’s boundaries have changed to include:

  • some of the Manawatū-Rangitikei area, once covered by the the Wanganui CMS (1997-2008), and
  • the Ruahine Forest Park and adjoining land, once covered in the Hawke’s Bay CMS (1994-2004).

The new boundaries match the Wellington Conservation Board boundary. Wellington CMS boundaries (PDF, 321K)

The draft Wellington CMS (2016-2026) is simpler, shorter, more concise and Place-based. It is consistent with the other newly reviewed CMSs, and integrates the Department’s national priorities with local priorities, that have been identified with tangata whenua, the community, and others.


If you have any questions or requests email or phone +64 7 858 1055.

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