June 2007

Unit | Levels: 3-4 | In the environment: Help your students learn about their local marine environment. View and download the rocky reef resource kit and teaching guide.

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Rocky reef snorkel survey teaching guide and activity sets (PDF, 4,054K)

The kit and teaching guide has a teaching and learning resource (including a range of learning activities), PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, templates, identification aids and a MarineWatch certificate.

The complete kit is too large to download as a single PDF file. Go to the individual chapters for downloadable PDFs.


This is one of several MarineWatch programmes, which are about building relationships between people and the sea.

The Rocky reef snorkel survey involves the following:

Cover of the publication.
Cover of the publication

  • Learning about marine life, species identification and survey methodology
  • Swimming pool snorkel training and survey practice
  • A marine survey in the field of the local rocky reef environment
  • Learning about data entry and data manipulation
  • Presentation to the school or local community about what has been learnt – including a plan of action for protecting the local environment

The teaching and learning resources have been divided into individual activities to allow teachers to determine which aspects of the programme they wish to deliver.

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Produced by Rika Milne for the Department of Conservation and MarineWatch

ISBN: 978-0-478-14230-3


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