Do some colouring in, make 3D birds, create your own face masks or make a kaleidocycle.


Conservation Week 2017.

These things to make at home or school feature some of our most-loved creatures. For more nature inspired arts and craft activity ideas, check out the DOC Pinterest page.

Colouring in

From the book 'Kiwi Creatures Colouring and Conservation Illustrations' by Bruce Mahalski and Carol Knutson:

Kākāpō illustration.
Kākāpō colouring in picture

Face masks

Become a bird (or a weta) for a day! Print off one of the masks below, colour them in and cut them out to create your very own face mask.

How about learning about bird or weta habitat and role playing – listen to these birds' songs and see if you can sound like them!

Making the masks

You will need sticky tape or a stapler to attach the head band to your face mask – get someone to help you measure around your head.

The face masks fit best if you print them on A3 paper or card:

Bird illustration.
Print out the PDFs to make these 3D birds

3D Birds

Print out these birds at A4 or A3 size then cut out, fold and stick together to make a 3D Bird – these birds will stand up by themselves.

'My heart is like a forest' themed activities

The hearty images were inspired by Michael Hall’s book ‘My heart is like a Zoo’.

Forest animal cut and colour pages

These six forest animals have come out to play, and they would love to meet you!

Print out these A4 pages, colour in the heart-shaped pieces, cut them out then put them back together using the completed creature image to guide you.

How about painting them a forest background to go on?

Forest animal cut and colour pages (PDF, 320K)

Love NZ kaleidocycle

Ever heard of a kaleidocycle? Print off the A3 instruction sheet to make one for yourself, featuring some of New Zealand’s most loved native creatures.

To make it, you'll need glue, string, enthusiasm and nimble fingers. It's a bit tricky with lots of folding and careful sticking, so is best suited for intermediate-aged children and older.

We love you New Zealand kaleidocycle and instructions (PDF, 3,098K)

We love you New Zealand kaleidocycle activity. We love you New Zealand kaleidocycle

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