There are 13 common weeds threatening our native habitat – a baker’s dozen – that you and your community can help bring under control. We call them the Dirty Dozen.


When these weeds compete with native flora and fauna for sunlight and water, they can severely alter natural landscapes and threaten the survival of native plants and animals.

New Zealand has about 3,000 introduced plants that are running wild. Of these, 350 are considered environmental weeds because they threaten our nature. The Dirty Dozen are some of the worst offenders.

The good news is that together we can stop them spreading to more of our precious natural places.


Dirty Dozen 2017 logo.  

You can help

Join a weed group that protects our native habitats

Prevent the spread of garden plants

Today's garden plants can be tomorrow's weeds – prevent the spread.

Control weeds in your community.

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