DOC's work with stoats

Stoat trapping team in boat, Outer Doubtful Sound, Fiordland National Park. Photo: Don Merton.
Stoat trapping team in boat

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In May stoats were declared "public enemy number one" for New Zealand birds. The Government has set aside an extra $6.6 million for research to control them.

DOC's conservation management remains focussed on removing threats such as stoats rather than proceeding into large scale restoration of natural areas.

1080 poison kills stoats and helps whio

Whio (blue duck) are in trouble. Stoats kill nesting females and destroy eggs all over New Zealand.

In this video threatened species adviser Tim explains how biodegradable 1080 poison can suppress stoats long enough to boost breeding success.

Saving mohua from stoats in South Westland

Monitoring shows that continuous stoat trapping and occasional use of biodegradable 1080 poison has boosted the population of endangered mohua in the Landsborough Valley in South Westland.

Elsewhere this unique little bird is completely defenceless against rats and stoats. Rebecca Wilson explains:

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