Maui's dolphins videos

Watch the video of Maui's dolphins seen during a Department of Conservation (DOC) survey in March 2012. The dolphins were sighted off the West Coast of the North Island between Raglan and the Manukau Heads.

Alongshore surveys such as this help us to understand more about the species. The surveys provide information on the distribution of dolphins within their known range. We can also determine how successfully the dolphins are breeding based on the presence or absence of juvenile within the pods.

Video captured by Stephanie Watts, DOC Marine Ranger, Auckland.

Surfing with Maui's dolphins

Video of Maui's dolphins sharing the waves with surfers at Muriwai Beach, Auckland. 


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Whare Kaupapa Atawhai / Conservation House
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To report whale or dolphin strandings phone 24 hour emergency number: 0800 DOCHOT (0800 362 468) 

In the North Island, immediately report any Hector’s/Maui’s dolphin sightings south of Awakino (near the Taranaki – Waikato boundary) and on the East Coast.

DOC is especially interested in these sightings as they represent areas of the range of Maui's dolphins where genetic samples are limited. How you can help.