Campbell Island teal, male with females. Photo copyright: Tui De Roy. DOC USE ONLY.

Campbell Island teal, male with two females Codfish Island

Subantarctic teal include the Auckland Island teal, and the distinctly different Campbell Island species, which is one of the world's rarest ducks.

Few people have ever seen these small, dark brown ducks in the wild. They are mainly nocturnal, and are very secretive. Although they are flightless they make very good speed by running rapidly across the ground at the first sign of danger.

Each of the two species has a different conservation status. In 1992 the Campbell Island teal was listed as critically endangered, and the Auckland Island teal was listed as endangered.

The outlook for the Campbell Island species in particular looked very bleak, so a Department of Conservation Recovery Plan was actioned. This plan contains different priorities for each species.

Thankfully there has been some fantastic progress made with captive breeding programmes during the past few years, and the population has increased to a healthier level.


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