Adult and juvenile kea, Crayfish Heights, Fiordland. Photo: Herb Christophers.  DOC USE ONLY.

Adult and juvenile kea, Crayfish Heights, Fiordland

Population: 1000–5000
Threat status:
At risk
Found in:
Alpine environments of the South Island
Did you know:
The world’s only alpine parrot, the kea is renowned for its intelligent and inquisitive nature. Kea nest on the ground, and monitoring indicates up to 60% of nests can be attacked by predators during breeding.

Kea is at risk from a predator plague caused by high levels of seed production ('beech mast') in 2014. Battle for our Birds protects kea and other native species from predators.

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As part of the Protecting Our Place partnership with DOC, Dulux New Zealand is contributing $50,000 annually from 2013 towards the Kea Conservation Trust’s nest monitoring programme. In addition to that funding any funds raised through the consumer donation programmes will go to the Trust.

Dulux’s involvement in the programme means the Trusts’ nest monitoring programme can grow and extend further in addition to the existing monitoring sites in the Nelson Lakes area.

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