To protect our native wildlife we have implemented the 'Battle for our Birds' predator control programme.


A predator plague is posing a serious threat to our endangered native wildlife. High levels of seed production (mast) in our beech forests is triggering a rodent and stoat explosion.

When seed supplies run out these predators turn on endangered birds such as mōhua, kākā, kea, whio and kiwi along with other at risk species like bats and land snails.

Battle for our Birds programme protects native species - media release 22 April 2015
Latest field monitoring results indicate DOC’s recent large-scale pest control programme has succesfully knocked back rats and stoats and helped protect vulnerable native species across large areas of South Island beech forest this summer.

View the current status and maps of aerial 1080 operations.

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Trout and 1080 research


Current status and maps of operations

North Island (PDF, 935K)

South Island (PDF, 982K)


November 2014 update

September 2014 update

September 2014: Rat numbers rise steeply in Kahurangi

August 2014 update

May 2014 update


Media pack

Watch a video explaining the science behind the beech mast and predator control

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