Conservation for prosperity

Tiakina te taiao, kia puawai

Conservation work is an investment in New Zealand’s prosperity because our environment plays a central role in our health and well-being, and wealth.
Our relationship with our environment helps define who we are as New Zealanders. The special places and wildlife that are part of our history and culture are valuable to us.

Conservation builds health and well-being

Conserving our environment keeps us in good health both physically and emotionally by making sure we have:

  • Places where we can walk, tramp, ride, kayak, hunt, climb, dive, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, all in our own backyard
  • Native trees, tussocks and plants that soak up millions of tonnes of carbon every year, purifying the air we breathe
  • Wetlands that filter impurities from the water we drink, and hold floodwaters, sparing our towns and cities from the worst of downstream impacts
  • Insects that pollinate the food plants we need to survive
  • Rivers that turn the turbines of hydroelectricity stations, giving us the power we need for lighting, heating, cooking and running businesses
  • Trees with roots that hold soils fast to New Zealand’s hill country, preventing erosion and landslides which can damage our homes, farms and businesses

Conservation builds wealth

Conservation work underpins our environment’s ability to create wealth through:

  • Providing fertile, healthy soil to grow the grass, trees and crops that sustain our agriculture and timber industries
  • Keeping our marine environments clean and healthy so we’re able to harvest fish and shellfish
  • Protecting areas where water from rain clouds is captured—mountain lands, headwaters and rivers—giving us the fresh water we need to run all industries
  • Enabling insects to turn dead vegetation and manure into the useful nutrients that are vital for plant growth, which drives our agricultural and horticultural industries
  • Protecting the stunning natural environment and special places that are part of our history and culture, that draw thousands of overseas tourists to our country, creating 1 in 10 jobs and generating $20 billion for our economy

Investing in conservation is an investment in our prosperity.

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