There are some activities that you may want to undertake that require permission from Department of Conservation. This authorisation helps the continued protection of natural, historic, cultural and recreational values managed by the Department of Conservation.

Research and collection authorisation

You need authorisation if you want to collect samples or undertake research on plants, soils, rocks, invertebrates, fresh water fish species or historic materials that are on public conservation land.

Find out about research and collection authorisation.

Wildlife authorisation

To catch, hold, release or kill most wildlife species you will need authorisation under the Wildlife Act.  This includes things like catching birds for research, holding a gecko in your backyard terrarium, or transferring animals from one location to another. 

Find out what species are protected and if you need a Wildlife Act authorisation.

Applying for authorisation

Find out how to apply for a research and collection or Wildlife Act authorisation.

South Island robin. Photo: Andrew Walmsley. DOC USE ONLY.
South Island robin


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See Maps and geospatial services for maps to help with your application.